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37th Anniversary Celebration

Join The Happy Cook Celebrating

37 Years of Serving the

Charlottesville Community


Monday, October 5th to Saturday, October 10th

We want to thank all of our customers for their support of The Happy Cook over the last 37 years.  We’ll be having prize giveaways, gourmet samples and demos during our Anniversary Celebration.

Prize Giveaways Everyday!

Come in to the store during the week and enter in for daily raffles.  Over $2,000 in prizes throughout the week.


Monday: 20% Off all Le Creuset

Includes: Dutch Ovens, Stainless & Non-stick Cookware, Bakeware and Gadgets

Excludes promotional pieces and sets.

Tuesday: 20% Off all Cutlery

Includes:  Wusthof, Shun, Global, Mercer, Chroma, Kikuichi and more.

11 AM to 3 PM – Wusthof Trunk Show

Check out a nearly complete selection of unique Classic, Classic Ikon and Gran Prix knives

Excludes promotional pieces and sets.

Wednesday: 20% Off all Polish Pottery

Thursday: 20% Off All-Clad

Excludes promotional pieces and sets.

Friday: 20% Off all Juliska 

Includes: Berry and Thread, Jardin du Monde, Pewter and Country Estate

Red Rooster Coffee Sampling:  10 am to 1 pm

Saturday: Vita-Mix Pro 750 $50 OFF!

Vita-Mix Demo/Tasting: 10 am to 2 pm


During our Anniversary Celebration come in each day and sign up for daily prize giveaways.  All entries will be carried over for the Grand Prize Drawing.  You may enter each day, making you eligible for all drawings as well as 6 entries for the grand prize.

Le Creuset 90th Anniversary

Le Creuset 90th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

10 am to 8 pm

 The Happy Cook, Barracks Road Shopping Center

We’re very excited to announce that The Happy Cook is one of only a handful of stores across the country that will be a part of celebrating Le Creuset’s 90th Anniversary. And, we want you to be a part of it! Join us for an exclusive trunk show, special gifts for ANY Le Ceruset purchase, refreshments and a free cooking class.


All Day Events

**Exclusive Trunk Show **

Trunk show will display exclusive pieces from Europe and Asia

never before sold in the U.S. Market


**Silent Auction to benefit Charlottesville’s PB&J Fund** 

One of only a handful of 3 1/2 qt Limited Edition Cast-iron Cocottes made after the Originale LeCreuset design from 1925 will be auctioned off with all proceeds to go to the  PB&J Fund.  The PB&J Fund helps provide youth with the resources and knowledge necessary to help develop a healthy diet.  They work to provide healthy meals and teach cooking habits to address kids’ nutritional needs.

Gift with Purchases

**Spend $200 that day and receive a FREE 20oz

90th Anniversary Cocotte in collector’s box**

**Everyone who purchases a Le Creuset product of ANY value will receive a FREE Gift that day.**
*Gift with purchase while supplies last

Scheduled Events

6-7 PM – Refreshments and Hors d’oeuvres 

7-8 PM – FREE French Cooking class

Class will be taught by Chef Christian Kelly of Maya

Seats are currently full but standing room is available

Veggie Pasta & Garnish Made So Easy!

We are excited to be demonstrating one of our new products in store today; a hand-held veggie slicer by Mastrad! It makes two different sizes of Julienne and ribbon spirals. This is a fun tool to add to any kitchen gadget collection!

Zing Anything

Staying hydrated during Virginia’s humid and sticky summers can be challenging. Water is not the most interesting drink and it is difficult to get the recommended amount. Zing Anything has come up with a convenient solution to this predicament with their Aqua and Citrus Zinger. This innovative product has a blending compartment in the base of the bottle that helps infuse fresh fruit and berry juices into the water above. Choice fruits and berries are placed in this section, the blades are turned, and the remaining pieces are left to slowly flavor throughout the day. Also, the double walled stainless steel of the Aqua Zinger insulates, keeping beverages hot or cold. It’s refreshing, easy to use, and may help you gulp down that much needed H2O this summer. :)


Aqua Zinger

Citrus Zinger

Specility Cookbooks

Tucked away in the back of the store, between tea and canning supplies, our cookbook section is easy to over look. For such an inconspicuous space, we have some wonderful specialty cookbooks that range from extremely involved to easy and pictorial. We stock the local artisan inspired books such as “The Best of Virginia” as well as the more in-depth, classic French cookbooks. Below are some customer favorites….

The Bread Baker’s Apprentice

Peer over Peter Reinhart’s shoulder as he learns from Paris’s most esteemed bakers, like Lionel Poilane and Phillippe Gosselin. You’ll put new found knowledge into practice with 50 new master formulas for such classic breads as rustic ciabatta, hearty pain de champagne, and old-school New York bagels.


The River Cottage Preserves Handbook

The River Cottage farm, established by British food personality Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to promote high-quality, seasonal, and sustainable food, has inspired a television series, restaurants and classes, and a hit series of books. River Cottage master preserver Pam Corbin helps you transform the abundance of your garden into everything from simple Strawberry Jam to scrumptious new combinations like Honeyed Hazelnuts, Onion Marmalade, and Elixier of Sage.


Vegetarian cooking doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Thanks to the abundance of farmer’s markets, diverse fresh produce aisles, and excellent choices of pastas, grains, beans, and even frozen staples, ‘meatless’ cooking has never been easier or more delicious. Meatless features more than 200 recipes—each accompanied by a gorgeous photograph.


Artisan Cheese Making At Home

This lovely book is one of the most ambitious and comprehensive guides to home cheese making. Renowned cooking instructor Mary Karlin has spent years working alongside the country’s most passionate artisan cheese producers. Cookbook includes over eighty recipes for a diverse range of cheeses; from quick and satisfying Mascarpone and Queso Blanco to cultured products like Crème Fraiche and Yogurt.


Bengali-Indian Cooking Class

Great cooking class this week with Tuno and Mahabuba! They taught about Bengali-Indian spices and featured several traditional courses. The menu included Darjeeling Cha Tea, Narkeler Dudh Bhat (Rice with Coconut Milk), Moong Lentil Curry with Cauliflower and select veggies, and a Spiced Sour Red Lentil Soup with Mango.  It was a busy one and a half hour class! :)

For more information regarding our cooking classes, “like” our Facebook page, check the ever-updated calendar on our website, or join our email newsletter list. Our classes feature all kinds of cooking; from Vegan cooking to Chocolate making. Come join us!





Camp-fire Ready!

Lodge cast iron cookware is the perfect accessory for this year’s summer camping trip. Lodge Logic is over 100 years old and is still manufactured in good-old Tennessee. :) They are very durable pans, requiring very little clean up and withstanding heat from direct flame.

Although Lodge cookware comes pre-seasoned, a general seasoning is required to properly care for the cast iron and maintain the rich black patina. ‘Seasoning’  means to simply bake oil into the pores of the iron which prevents rust and provides a natural, easy-release finish.

The Happy Cook employees all have slightly different methods of seasoning their Lodge cookware. Some use vegetable oil, others homemade lard. Whichever oil is preferred, pans are coated with a very thin and even coating and placed in a 350 to 400  degree oven. For best results, cookware is placed upside down on the top rack of the oven and baked for at least an hour. The oven is then turned off and the cast iron is cooled slowly inside. With time, the coating will build on the porous cast iron and will create a nonstick surface.

Fry pans come in a multitude of sizes and depths. The 10.5″ griddle shown here is one of our associate’s favorite pans to bake personal size pizzas. Cast iron is wonderful for baking a nice even crust.

Summer Gadgets!

Three signs of a good kitchen gadget: prefects a skill better then a generic tool, has a unique design feature, and makes life easier. :) If you are a customer of The Happy Cook, you can attest to our large and ever changing selection of fun kitchen gadgets. Here are some of our favorites that are hard to live without this summer….

Citrus Sprayer From Lekue

Turn your citrus fruit into the freshest juice container EVER! The screw-like design can be easily inserted and secured inside the fruit (usually lemon or lime) and juice is extracted with a quick compression of the spray nozzle.  It is perfect to dress your salad, aromatize your kitchen, or flavor your soft drinks and cocktails.

Avocado Slicer From OXO

Split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and effectively with this 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer.  The plastic blade cuts through the skin without being overly sharp.  The pitting tool allows you to remove the pit and the efficient fan shaped blade slices and scoops out the rest of this heart healthy fruit. Avocados fight cancer, protect against heart disease, help to lose weight, and lower inflammation. This tool makes it so easy to add avocado to your summer salad or whip up some fresh guacamole.

Cherry Pitter From Zyliss

Although cherry season is almost over in Charlottesville, this tool is useful anytime you choose to indulge in this taste fruit. The ultra sharp stainless steel pitting rod removes pits with one squeeze.  Our favorite features are the adjustable splash guard and collection reservoir for juice and pits. The base of the reservoir is hinged for easy pit disposal.  These are the little features that make all the difference in the kitchen! :)

Corn Zipper From Kuhn Rikon

Cherry season may be almost done, but corn season is just beginning! Unzips more rows of kernels at the same time with our Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper. The ergonomic zipper design cleans the cob off nicely and safely and is much more fun to use then a knife. :)


Viancin Coasters

These new coasters by Charles Viancin are perfect for your outdoor summer party or BBQ! They are made of a flexible silicone that reduces slipping and sliding on any table surface and are BPA free. When you are ready to clean, just spray them off in the sink or throw them in the dishwasher. Easy! We carry four different styles; the Lilypad, Hibiscus, Sunflower, and Cherry Blossom.

Charles Viancin finds inspiration from the beauty and functionality of nature, creating items with natural contours and a pleasant color palette. To view more of his fun and functional kitchen accessories, check out our website! Charles has created a full range of versatile kitchenware essential for everyday tasks.


The placemats pictured above are from Pacific Merchants and are a fantastic fade-resistance indoor/outdoor mesh. A variety of colors are available.

Mauviel Copper


Coppers unique cooking property has been acclaimed throughout culinary history and is still a great addition to any modern kitchen.  Copper is one of the best conductors of heat which means hot spots are pretty much unheard of, and you can reach very precise heats. As you change the temperature on your stove top, the temperature of the pot changes almost immediately, allowing foods to brown and braise to perfection.

Currently we have a 20% off sale on our cast iron handle copper ware by Mauviel. This is a great promotion to begin your copper journey or add to an existing collection. If you are interested in a slightly lighter-weight handle then the cast iron, the stainless steel option is also available.  All of Mauviel’s copper ware has a durable 18/10 stainless steel interior and does not require re-tinning like copper products from the past.

Since 1830, Mauviel has manufactured the highest quality of copper cookware for professional and residential markets.  Mauviel’s products are still manufactured in France and their quality and design is unsurpassed in the industry. Although this beautiful cookware must be polished, most chefs agree it is an unmatched cookware and well worth the extra attention.

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